Bobby is an Okanagan artist, born on Vancouver Island in 1982. Painting his first large-scale mural at the age of 17, art has been a major focus for Bobby over the course of his life. Since then, Bobby has been commissioned for over 60 different murals in the Okanagan area. 

Bobby's true passion lies with oils on canvas. He expertly harnesses this medium to create portraits of the great musicians he's been influence by, and also to create many custom pieces for individuals, preserving special memories of their loved-ones. 

As an active fitness enthusiast, Bobby continues to train and compete in half marathons, triathlons and trail runs. His mantra: “Exercise gets the mind right.” 

Bobby's sense of humour and personal down-to-earth nature have helped make him a mainstay in the Okanagan area. Please peruse our online store for prints and originals of his work, order a piece, and enjoy Bobby's inspiration in your own home, workplace, or as an excellent gift for a friend or family member.